Aankondiging onderhoud ISP Nexellent in Zwitserland. Tussen 18:00 en 21:00 start het onderhoud wat tot korte onderbrekingen kan leiden. Zie bericht.

Heb je vragen, neem dan contact op met support@site4u.nl of bel naar 085 – 30 30 999.


Announcement of maintenance ISP Nexellent in Switzerland. Between 06.00 pm and 09.00 pm short disruptions may occur.

If you have questions, please contact support@site4u.nl or call +31 – 85 – 30 30 999.


Message Nexellent:
Dear Sir or Madam,

Please consider the following important information!
We would like to inform you about the following emergency maintenance work.

Start maintenance: 2020-1-31 6.00 pm
End maintenance: 2020-1-31 9.00 pm

  • Expected down time: sshort interruptions during this time
  • Affected services: all collocation in the datacenter Zurich
  • Impact on the service: service interruption
  • Location of the maintenance: datacenter Zurich

Description of the work: Due to a malfunction of the management unit of one of our core switches, the switch must be restarted.

We apologise for any inconvenience this activity may cause and thank you for your understanding.