29-04-2021 09:25 DDOS aanval / DDOS attack

Er vind een DDoS aanval op een server binnen ons netwerk plaats. De aanval is zeer snel opgemerkt door het Datacenter die meteen actie hebben ondernomen.
De DDoS aanval kan overlast in de vorm van verbroken verbindingen opleveren.

[IMPACT] Verminderde bereikbaarheid DNS servers.
[UPDATE] Aanval was op onze DNS servers. Onze ns1 is sinds 10:40 weer volledig bereikbaar. ns2 en ns3 sinds 11:30.

Heb je vragen, neem dan contact op met support@site4u.nl 
of bel naar 085 – 30 30 999.

A DDoS attack is taking place on a server within our network. The attack was very quickly noticed by the Datacenter who immediately took action.
The DDoS attack can cause nuisance in the form of broken connections.

[IMPACT] Reachability problems DNS servers.
[UPDATE] The DDOS attack occurred on our DNS servers. ns1 is completely reachable again since 10:40am. ns2 and ns3 since 11:30am.

A DDoS attack has occurred on a server within our network. The attack was noticed very quickly by the Data Center who took immediate action.
The DDoS attack has been repulsed, but may have caused nuisance for customers in the form of dropped connections.
The nuisance has been solved by directing traffic to the National Anti-DDoS Car Wash (NaWas). The DDoS traffic that is aimed at the network is then converted, after which the traffic flows transparently through the NaWas. This “washes” the DDoS traffic away from the legitimate traffic and delivers it via a private connection into the ISP’s own network.
The service, whether it is a website or e-mail traffic, continues to function and the users hardly notice anything. The person who carries out the DDoS will notice: his attack fails.

If you have questions, please contact support@site4u.nl 
or call +31-85 – 30 30 999.